About Clothesline Laundry

Long Island’s Best Laundry Delivery Service.

As a child I used to help my mom do laundry week after week. As the years went on I saw what a struggle it was to keep up with all the dirty laundry, especially for a family of five. I was determined to create a solution for the hardworking families out there dealing with the same problem. They should have more time having fun and less time with the chore of laundry. So we started a laundry business over 30 years ago. At first it was a simple self­-service laundry where people could come in and do their laundry themselves. It could get done a little quicker because of the multiple machines they could use at the same time. Then, the drop off service came along providing another convenience as the laundry would be dropped off and processed by our professional staff. As time went on people had less and less time and were having difficulty making it to the store. As a result CLOTHESLINE LAUNDRY was born!! Now everyone can enjoy the convenience of having their laundry professionally done by simply signing up for our service and scheduling a pickup online. You tell us how you want your laundry processed and when you want us to pick it up and in 24 hours it’s right back to you fresh and clean. It has truly helped many families regain some valuable free time to enjoy the fun things in life. It certainly did for us!!

You’ve found Clothesline Laundry so why not give us a try? Sign up today and find the time to enjoy life!