Laundry Service in East Hills, NY

East Hills is a storybook village located on the North Shore of Long Island. Brimming with fun events for families, there laundry service at east hills estateisn’t a shortage of things to look forward to. Regardless of the season, the village’s staff & residents are full of new ideas for activities for the kids (and parents, too!)

The village has a wonderful parks & recreation department. In the summertime, find relief from the hot days at the local pool. Dog owners can take their “best friends” to the dog park for play dates with other East Hills kanines. You don’t need a home gym if you live in East Hills. Their state of the art fitness center and tennis lessons will get you in shape after the holiday season.

You will find some of the most beautiful homes in the East Hills. From new home construction to historic brick manors, you can easily spend hours driving down the village streets, admiring the unique architectural details each home offers.

Try Laundry Service From Clothesline Laundry

Clothesline Laundry offers laundry delivery service in East Hills, NY. Signing up for laundry service couldn’t be easier; or more convenient. You don’t need to worry about dropping off your dirty clothes at our facility because we come to you. Simply fill one of the provided laundry bags with your clothes, tell us where to pick them up and that’s it! Your laundry will be washed, folded and delivered back to your doorstep in 24 hours.

With our customizable laundry service, you control exactly how your laundry is done. Choose your detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. We will wash your clothes exactly how you would at home. Imagine, no more running up and down stairs with heavy baskets of laundry. No more struggling with folding socks or fitted sheets. At Clothesline Laundry, we will take care of all of that, so you can spend more time having fun!

So if you live in East Hills, NY why spend another minute dealing with that laundry pile? Sign up for laundry service with Clothesline Laundry today.

Clothesline Laundry: Your clothes will love hanging with us.