Laundry Pickup In New Hyde Park, NY


Clothesline Laundry continues to be the top choice for laundry pickup and delivery in New Hyde Park. Our fast turn-around time and competitive pricing are only a few of the reasons why people love our service. We do your laundry exactly the way you want it done. Set up washing, drying and folding instructions within moments of signing up. Laundry truly can’t get any easier.

What about all those heavy blankets, winter sheets and extra linens that seem to take up twice as much room in your washing machine and double the time? Forget washing them at home, call us for a laundry pick up! Throw everything in the bags we will provide for you and leave them on your doorstep. We’ll have your items washed, folded and delivered to your home in no time. Imagine not having to deal with the hassle of folding a fitted sheet ever again! That’s exactly only the beginning of the service you’ll get from Clothesline Laundry.

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